Monday, October 12, 2009


There are different forms of yearning, aren't there? Some can be wistful, some to do with appetites, others are vague and others still are sharp and pointy.

Here are some of mine:

-- to be less well fed all the time
-- to walk on the beach more than I do (at the moment, annually)
-- to have fewer things I HAVE to do
-- to have a better singing voice
-- to lie on my back in the grass and look at the stars / clouds / trees
-- to read that perfect book
-- to write that perfect book
-- to understand mathematics better than I do
-- ditto for certain sciences, like chemistry and biology
-- to be an effortless housekeeper, to LIKE cleaning
-- to be able to have a complete day without niggling aches & pains
-- to be a man for a week, just to see what it's like
-- to be a child again, just for a week, as well (with an adult consciousness)
-- to be fresh in love again
-- to be able to have a long, whimsical conversation with someone and not worry about time or the topic turning 'silly' (what exactly is 'silly'?)
-- to sleep until lunchtime again
-- to know certain historical characters
-- to see Hagia Sophia before I die or it blows up
-- to eat cheesecake every day and not end up a diabetic
-- to be able to swim like a fish, in the sea (which is very big and scary for me)
-- to be a grandmother
-- to travel the world by myself, taking lots of time to look and think

Bernice has just added to my very eclectic and eternally unfinished list, with a new category (in my experience) of feminity/ feminism.


I'm not unhappy, just thinking about the various little holes in my psyche. Makes it sound like Swiss cheese, but that's just life, isn't it? I'm sure they're very over-privileged white woman yearnings, but that's exactly what I am, so there you go. Many of these things are achievable, if I took the time to do them...


pk said...

Oh ducky: how grouseely daggy thou art. On a pedantic note I think you can only yearn for things that are beyond your power to bring about by your own efforts.
I think I can help with number fifteen.

Penthe said...

Oh yes, and to sit in an apple tree and read Shakespeare just because I wanted to.

Ampersand Duck said...

Ahh, Betty, I did use the caveat that there are many different yearnings... I may have the power, but they are still beyond my efforts. I love it that you counted! We must try another cafe sometime, sans children.

See, Penthe gets the drift! Possible, but at the moment, highly improbable...

Ariel said...

'to be an effortless housekeeper, to LIKE cleaning'

Snap. That's definitely one of mine.

* btw, weirdly, my word verification is: 'copings'

byrd said...

oh to write lists and tick them off, before loosing the article their written on.
do some of these also appear on your stasis/contentment list?


fifi said...

haha! i would definitely add the above yearning to my list, byrd!

I can help with some of those things.
Of course the sea one, but maybe just maybe I can cook you up a dream world where you and I are BOTH having birthdays in the Hagia Sophia. I dont see why we cannot subvert the course of history? If i want you in my memory, i shall put you there. Consider it done. It may take a minute or two to construct the experience online, but hey....

Annie said...

Sara Lee have teeny tiny weeny squares of cheesecake for sale in supermarkets now. There's one thing that you could remedy? 8-).

Love the list.