Thursday, October 08, 2009

Remember to breathe

Thought I'd just check in for a quick visit.

First off, let's all take a moment to breathe deeply.

Monaro clouds

It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm constantly taking photos of clouds. These were on the Monaro plains, on the way home from the Bega valley last weekend. I ducked down by myself to witness a thing of greatness:

Did anyone see that Stephen Fry show about the Gutenberg press and the fellow who made his own? Well, I went to the launch of an Australian version of the Common Press, down in Pambula. It's a true thing of beauty, made from vintage and new Australian hardwoods and local blacksmithery. I haven't got time to write more about it now, but I have a sworn duty to write properly about it, as I was the only other printer-type witness. I have voice recordings, video and umpteen photos. It was AWESOME. Here I am, pulling a print.

I came back to Canberra fired up, and inked up my press to get it fully functioning. And fell in love. I've been dicking around with it for days, working on a multi-layered poster for an upcoming group exhibition:

Country show first stage

I'm in love. It's smaller than the Bookstud press, but far more accurate. I've barely stopped to eat and sleep, since BB has been in Carnarvon and B has been with his dad.

But there's always been time for kitty snuggles.

Padge in bed

Right now, I'm dashing out to watch UP in 3D, making a token effort to give Bumblebee a fun holiday, and hoping that it doesn't make me puke. I'm teaching for the next four days straight, so you may not hear much from me again for a while. Keep breathing!


Heather L said...

Hey Duckie,
Communication confusion with messages from our answering machine (which can be a bit like Chinese whispers) meant I didn't fully get your message on the w/end- didn't even know there was a press just down the road so to speak- who owns it? The gal and I are off to UP this afternoon- sadly, Merimbula Cinema doesn't run to 3D though. Wet school holidays = cabin fever AND a trashed house so we need to get out.
Heather L XXX
PS And a very happy 42nd birthday for last Thursday!

dinahmow said...

Oh, my stars! That press! Yes, I did see the Gutenburg film and was in awe of the chap who made one.
Must ask Eden friends if they've seen this.

curious said...

Oh the press is amazing. UP is uplifting, I don't think it will make you puke...

Ampersand Duck said...

Nah, I meant puking in the sense of nausea at too much depth and movement, rather than at trite emotion. As it was, I bawled through it for most of the time. Missed opportunities really press my wurty buttons. It was a beautiful movie in 3D.

And I think the press is appointment-only, and no-one would know about it yet, since only those at the invitation-only launch knew about it and the local press (who were invited) didn't bother turning up. If you seriously want to visit it, give me a private email and I'll pass on the contact details. He's hoping to move it somewhere more public and charge visitors, but not sure when that will happen.

ronnie said...

ahhh the stephen fry gutenberg show was WONDERFUL - I loved the bit where they showed how metal type is made (ok - I confess I liked the show so much I made a pirate copy - shhhhhh don't tell anyone).

and as for not telling - well I won't let on that I recognise the back of the head of the lad responsible for the press - it must be a beauty (the press I mean!)- now if he had invited ME I would have ensured it made it into the local papers.... ahhh well - maybe one day I'll get to have a gander... it looks like a lot of fun!

Ampersand Duck said...

Gosh, I'm not trying to withhold his name, Ronnie -- I fully planned to write him in when I enlarge my account of the proceedings... it is Richard Jermyn, of course, and I was quite amazed to find that I was the only 'printerly' person there! He's a hard person to contact, so I'm not sure how to proceed as far as putting people on to him to see the press, so I'm just waiting for permissions & formal contact deets before I spread the word properly!

ronnie said...

hee hee hee well now 'the Jerm' (as me mates - also his mates, refer to him) has been outed! - I meant to mention - our press (the newspapery type people) has a distinct modus operandi - to have a story or pic appear in our paper - you send in a fully written article/ nice piccies... and if the powers that be fancy what they see - well so too will the locals.... (I would have done the deed for the Jerm)

now then - next time you venture down the coast you'll have to come visit my shed - I can't promise an impressive looking machine like the Jerm's - but I can offer impressively cheap cask wine, impressively cheap (and badly made) instant coffee and a very impressive collection of mad cats, feral dogs and wild children..... tempting isn't it....


Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Ah, but with such a gorgeous cat at your side, why would you want to do anything but have kitty snuggles?