Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Woodford Files 6


Today is so hot that they cancelled most of the outdoor performers until the afternoon shade kicked in, which is about now.

I managed to make our habitual morning Martin Pearson fix, but since then have been languishing behind the stall, reading papers, fanning myself and sucking ice bits from the esky. If you're in a cool climate or have aircon, send a cool thought my way please.

One of the benefits of being associated with stallholders is access to a hot shower. I usually take full advantage of this, but the cold showers provided for the punters are so damn good in the heat that I've been using them, even though they're communal. It's turned out to be lovely to stand in an open room lined with showers alongside many female body types. I'm no stranger to being nude in public; it's a fantastic leveller. Many of the shower blocks are not communal, or sometimes a combination of communal and stalls, but the lines for a shower are MUCH longer in these.

Wow, wish I could be in a cold shower right now, but I couldn't be arsed getting up and walking to one. The sun is temporarily behind a cloud, suggesting the relief we'll get later when it goes down... Last night of the festival tonight, time to party hard. Ooh, I just heard thunder! I think. Could be anything - I can also hear about five bands from where I'm sitting.

The fire ceremony is tonight, the traditional closing ceremony. I can't think of anything worse than the heat of the ritual burning of a large structure in a field that is the climax, but I guess it won't be so bad without the sun. There will be anything up to 30,000 people in the great grassy amphitheatre, including a huge choir and a selection of performers from the week.

Oh, can't type any more, my hands are too sweaty, and I'm about to drip sweat all over the screen. Penguins. Think like a penguin, in the middle of the ice. Ice, mmmmmm...

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