Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Remember to breathe

dont click just type

I've just finished writing my 15 minute powerpoint talk for Mackay, and burnt it onto disk and backed it up on my thumby, and made a resolution never to leave powerpoint until the afternoon before I have to travel because it sucks up time more than a blog does. I've mostly finished packing but now I have to do one more round of the house thinking about what I actually need rather than what I think I need which is what I did for Tasmania and I ended up carting a stack of useless clothes around when all I needed was frigging jeans and t-shirts but that's what you get for packing at the last minute. I have to get up at 5am tomorrow because I'm getting a really early plane so that I can make it to a masterclass by 10am and I'll be spending tomorrow as a student, doing linocuts and stuff and now I'm worried that I haven't packed the right gear for the class. I realised when I was almost finished packing in a really minimal way that I was really proud of that I'd be going to at least two openings plus a conference dinner so I actually do need some smart clothes as well as conference lounging clothes so dammit have to rethink the whole thing.


I'm sorry that I haven't come back and done the annoying tourists. I haven't even had time to go over to Zoe's and tell her about the blogmeet which is something I really wanted to do before I left again but that's cats, as BB says. He's in bed right now because he needs his beauty sleep before he drives me to the airport at frigging 5.30.


Anyhoo, this picture is something nice to look at until I can get on line again, which may be tomorrow as my digs have internet but may be when I get back because there will be lots to do.




genevieve said...

Enjoy that masterclass, D. Won't be long now ('breathe' - whose song is that?).

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

It's from Hair, I think.

Nice photo business.