Thursday, February 21, 2008

nothing much about anything

Two of my favorite ways to drink tea:

Russian Caravan tea, brewed in a pot, served with full cream milk and leatherwood honey.

Orange Pekoe tea, pot or bag, with a dollop of condensed milk and a plate of Ginger Nut biscuits to dunk.

You can tell I've got a sweet tooth.

Amusing things I have found whilst skulking over the last few days:

-- Pavlov's Cat's series of occasional series. Say that a few times over.

-- TimT's Communist Furniture and other terrors.

-- Pretty much anything Lexicon Harlot does.

-- Ms Fits' theory that racists cannot spell, especially on Facebook.

Interesting things I have found whilst skulking:

-- A very good reproduced book about bookbinding, for anyone who wants to know how it's done, and for those who already know but wonder whether they're doing it correctly.

-- A forum of photocopier technicians who helped me track down a drum for the Book Studio's decrepit but beloved copier. Someone called "Mr Spock" told me what to do in a thinly veiled tone of sarcasm, but I was so grateful I hope I melted his wannabe Vulcan heart.

Between skulkings I have been wrangling my very late tax, preparing for the return of students next week, and sewing books. And sewing books. And doing tax. And doing tax. etc etc ad nauseum.

I am trying to photograph Mr Padge's curly recovering tail for you, but it's very tricky, because he is black. The tail will now always curl, and the hair growing back is mostly white, so he will be our ring-tailed possum.

Back to the tax. I hate numbers. So, so much.


Mummy/Crit said...

Wait, what happened to Padge's tail? Was I not paying attention?

Ampersand Duck said...

Heh, I snuck it onto the end of arriving back from Tas, I think. While we were away something nasty bit through Padge's tail, and it is now half-shaved and scabby and curly. Apparently it will stay curly.

When I get a decent photo I will blog about it!

fifi said...

In my fantasy existence, the one in my dreams,
I am in one of your classes happily making books.

That post on the conference made me itch to be there.

I gave my granny a kitty teapot like the top one! She loved it. And now, sadly, I have it back.

I hope the tail is ok....

Michelle said...

I'm jealous of your Delft teapot!

I'm in a total tea mood at the moment - comes with the territory of having a late summer cold.

Ampersand Duck said...

I just cobbled them from the net, but I did the right thing and made them links to where I found them... I think you'll find that both teapots are for sale! Click on them and go crazy.

Thanks, Fifi. I think I'm being booked for a bookarts workshop at the Waringai printmakers studio in May sometime, and I'm going back to Sturt for a winter school, so it's totally possible...

fifi said...

You are kidding me.

I'm so there. I was a founding member of that studio.
(Its a bit too Oh&s ish now though...)

yee har.