Monday, November 27, 2006

Another life milestone passed

I forgot to mention that today is my second wedding anniversary. Today my whole family breathes a sigh of relief, because my last marriage ended about 2 weeks before the second anniversary. As of now I am officially RESPECTABLE.

No party this year; we're not doing anything to mark the date apart from a gooey phone call first thing this morning because Best Beloved is in Newcastle for work. We had planned to go out for Yum Cha yesterday in complete confidence that we would still be in love today, but Bumblebee's dramatic hoiking episode kept us at home. We did exchange presents, things that we both love. Best Beloved bought us a Ron McBurnie etching (Tree Planting for a New Year), and I bitTorrented the latest (and maybe last) Royle Family special (The Queen of Sheba, 2006). He gave me a BIG kiss for that present.

This anniversary also means that Mr Pooter and Mr Padge are now officially two years old, since we bought them as a belated wedding present to cheer ourselves up after a particularly nasty miscarriage that meant we couldn't have a proper wedding night for two months (TFI?) and they were born around the same time we were wed. Makes sense to combine the two dates, and celebrate doubly.

kitty cake

Here they are, with a special mouse cake (look carefully in the centre of the cake and you'll see the mouse). They're such big cats now. People exclaim out loud when they see them, but that because they tend to have tiddly little cats like Mischa.

Mr Pooter (blue collar in my photos) came in the other night with big scars on his face from a fight, so he now looks like the evil genius he is (I can't take a photo yet because B has taken my camera to capture the nightlife of Newcastle).

Mr Padge (red collar) is still a big dumb friendly darling. He walked over to Zoe's house with us the other day and just sat in the back yard as we had a quick BBQ, then walked back with us. He's like a dog, really, except for the fact that as a dumb cat he's still smarter than most dogs.

I don't think any of us regret coming home with twice the cat we set out to get! They were probably our best wedding present. Hooray!

wez in ur basket


Tim said...


Anonymous said...

Happy dining - I am sure you've each got a runcible spoon on hand though.

Such a lot to celebrate! Can't believe those two naughty boys are two!!


Boysenberry said...

Congratulations :)

lucy tartan said...

mmmm, mousecake. Happy birthday to the cat brothers and happy anniversary to the humans.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and B and to the felines too. Bon anniversaire to all!

genevieve said...

Congratulations, many more healthy and happy ones to all of you. God those kits were cute, hey?

Mindy said...

Belated happy anniversary. Can't believe the kitties have grown so fast. They are such lovely sleek cats.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

many happy returns, Ducky, to you and your loved ones :)

comicstriphero said...

wot spunky cats you have.