Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In which our heroine has worked herself to the bone and is in danger of expiring, until a mysterious package arrives and lifts her spirits greatly

By 11pm last night I knew I wasn't going to meet the deadline of handing over this catalogue to the printers at 9.30am today. There were at least 200 images to scale and crop, and somewhere in there I had to sleep.

I chose to sleep for 5 hours, going to bed at 1am and setting my alarm for 6am, but then my dratted bladder woke me up at 5am and it took me another 15 minutes to calm my brain down to sleep again, so I guess I had 4 3/4 hours. The last couple of nights I've been getting to bed after midnight too, so the lack of sleep is beginning to show in the doona-sized bags under my eyes.

So there I was this morning, flat out at the computer, dressed in fluffy dressing-gown*, sheepy slippers and pilled and laddered jersey-type things that roughly pass for pyjamas, with hair like a chook's dirty bum, sucking back a strong cup of tea and urging my son to get his school gear together in preparation for a quick dash to school, when the doorbell rang. I'd just got off the phone to the artist to push the meeting back to 12pm (yes, bought more time, but gosh I'd need it), when Bumblebee came in with a large postage box from the US.

After wondering what I'd put on my credit card in a sugar rush this time, I opened the box carefully to find...

backtack fun box

IT'S MY BACKTACK BOX! Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! What great timing!

To recap: ages ago I took part in the Back Tack 3 project, and managed to create an odd little bunny and sent it off to Floating World Views in Japan with a few other treats in the parcel.

All good and well, except... I didn't get anything myself. My backtack buddy in the chain sort of faded into the ether, and I'm not the sort of person to write nagging emails (I typed 'emauls', which works really well, don't you think) asking that classic Aussie question WHAT ABOUT ME?

So I waited, and watched said blogger move higher on the naughty list, until finally she was on the blacklist. Oh well, I thought, I had fun, anyway.

But! All hail the Backtack organizers! Such good women. They organized Backtack Angels to make contributions to those who missed out. I had the good luck to score Jennifer from the most excellent caffe crafty blog. I was expecting a simple consolation bunny when they told me it was happening... I didn't expect THIS!

What you can see above in the picture:

-- 3 rolls of very pretty paper, which shall probably be used as endpapers when I get a spare moment

-- a very potentially useful (and yummy) tin of lemonhead lollies (suitcase tin! Yay!)


-- cafe craft card sets! 2 of them! This one, and the one you can see in the box (and on Jennifer's blog banner).

art choc!

-- art chocolate! I'm dying to see what the reproduction is (and eat the chocolate), but I don't want to wreck the packaging! Quandry!


-- fabric! orange! spotty! floral! perky! jaunty! Makes me want to revive my plans for making my own bookcloth. Watch this space.

And I haven't even got to the main event yet. Working down through the layers, exclaiming (and trying to stop Bumblebee from ripping open the sweeties), I discover:



Oh. oh. and again, oh. I can't begin to describe how lovely this softie is. Orange felt, removable dress, the most gorgous red shoes.

bunny from behind

Oh. I'm so pathetically grateful. I've gone from mild disappointment to mild resignation to mild hope to wildly happy. Or is that the effect of chronic fatigue? NO, this is a thing of beauty, and will be treasured in this household. It's going in my Blogging Bounty Collection along with the knitted cats and the vintage posters.

Just to give you an idea of scale, here's the Bunny Beauty as modelled by my barely-awake, bed-headed son:


He looks better than I did behind the camera. We're both suffering from the lack of Best Beloved, who is in Launceston for the week, attending a conference on something to do with regional affairs. He gets back tomorrow night, and then it's back to normal, including getting the hairy eyeball and heavy sighs when I stay up later than 10.30pm. But maybe, she thinks, rubbing her eyes for the fiftieth time today, that's not a bad thing.

Thanks, Jennifer, you're an angel.

And yes, the catalogue design is now at the printers, and I can relax for a couple days until the next huge urgent batch of work arrives, which is a scholarly edition of Mary Gilmore's poetry (vol 2). Sigh.

* I finally gave up on my lovely old customized dressing gown; it now belongs to BB. I went to Target and bought myself the biggest softest wurtiest gown I could find in a nice pale browny-pink and it is now my bestest friend.


Jennifer said...

what a wonderful post - thank you! i'm so happy the box got there so quickly and made everyone so happy. enjoy! (and rest)

Anonymous said...

Oh you lucky thing!! That bunny looks gorgeous! as does the other stuff. And Jennifer you are wondeful for stepping up!

Cozalcoatl said...

Too damn cute.
Great concept too....make me wish i could sew ;)

Mummy/Crit said...

*aaahhh* (relaxed sigh of relief that all is right with the world) it is a beautiful collection of pressies there. And how fantastic that the Backtack gang had thought of something to do when a faithful participant got let down by the process. That all makes me very pleased and has restored my faith in humanity. ('Emauls' is a very good word for the nasty type of email)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - although there are no words on the bunny?
I love Emauls.
I recently bought something on ebay from a sweet peruvian man who kept calling it Ebuy. I thought that was cute too.

Anonymous said...

That's such a cute box of stuff - cheesh, I can barely manage shopping for rellies let alone fellow bloggers so I am rather awestruck.

My only question is, when do we get to see your new bedhair? Maybe after you've had some sleep, but consider this a formal request and the emauls will follow if you don't comply.

And I'm single parenting too - DB in Arnhem Land.

Val said...

I was exhausted by the time I got through reading your post, but happy all deadlines have now been met. And to have it all capped off with that wonderful gift package.

I am wanting to follow up on some of your links (cafe crafty and Floating World Views) but we are currently demoted to dialup speed due to some too enthusiastic downloading. Thank goodness tomorrow is the first of the month so I don't have to wait forever to see all the photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got something at last - I didn't realise that you'd missed out!

Destructomeg said...

oo Launceston. heh. (my home town)

And the whole package is SO awesome.. all those colours.

Mindy said...

Good things really do come to those who wait. What lovely people to look after those who missed out.

Did the MB ever arrive?

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

wow, what fabulous booty and what fabulous people to make up for the lazy person. such a delightful bunny! great post Ducky!

when I have a life, I must join this cunning craft chain. I think it would be dangerously addictive.

no. I know it would be dangerously addictive!

Mindy said...

And you got in the top 5 best entries!

Drewzel said...

Box o' stuff is ACE! Makes me even sadder I was too late for Backtack.
First time I've seen a photo of your son, he is GORGEOUS! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Drewzel, I think so too!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I was just going back to look at the photie of Bumblebee and the bunny, because they're both so very cute - when I spied the print in the background... who's the artist, Ducky? a name is on the top of my tonge but I can't quite get it... not Halloran, is it? no. argh, why won't the name come to me. I'm sure I know who I'm thinking of...

Ampersand Duck said...

Barbara Hanrahan! She rocks. She's not alive anymore, but she came from Adelaide and she was the best printmaker. I have about 5 of her works, 2 of which I scrimped and saved for and 3 were given to me as presents, for which I am eternally grateful. The one behind B has a canny looking cat and a really stupid -looking dog, which means all's right with the world :)