Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time not only flies, it throws crap in your face

Colonel Duck couldn't resist scanning the photo mentioned in the last post:

Oh, youth is indeed wasted on the young. This photo makes me feel quite crusty.

One of my hands and both insoles have broken out in dermatitis thanks to something stoopid lurking in the carpets that only emerged when I tried to clean a few spots, and I have an inflamed Achilles tendon from standing wrongly at the press too long, which behaves itself when I walk on smooth ground but breaks out in flame if I tread any path rougher than concrete. I walked across the tanbark from my studio to Nicci's studio today to say hello and spent the next hour saying OW. Ow ow ow.

Sigh. Judging from watching my Aged Poet deal with extreme old age, it's all just going to get worse, so I might as well enjoy the fact that my eyes are working and I have all my own teeth, even if I do have these annoying aches and itches. At least I don't have a womb anymore. That's one bodily adjustment I'll NEVER regret.

That purple bracelet is actually a hairband. Looking at it completely connects me to her, 22 years later. Be prepared, but in a nice way.


Cat Drawings said...

Aren't you cut. Don't look a day older - but far more interesting and accomplished.

I envy the no womb thing. Menopause - bring it on!

The Elephant's Child said...

But would you be a teenager again for anyone? Not this black duck. Twenty-eight or so perhaps, but no further back than that.
I hope the aches, itches and pains settle toute de suite.

Cat Drawings said...

That should've been 'cute' not 'cut'

ronnie said...

waaaaay too cute (maybe you should have posted this alongside the dermititus pics)... me? I have avoided graduations and graduation gowns and hats and pics (despite a couple of letters I aint been to a ceremony... yet.... I'm saving up for 'the big one')

oh and old age? I fear thee not... my mother in law is 87 - had 10 kids, still works six days a week.... in the paddock (running after weeds and cows) she's FORMIDABLE! if I can do what she can at that age I say BRING IT ON!

Ampersand Duck said...

I say BRING IT ON too, Ronnie except that IT will probably be a ton of bricks. Still, if genetics have anything to do with it, I'll be too dementia-riddled to care.

Jo, thanks. Right back at you, and we should know, because you were there and I was there :)

EC: You have the same attitude as me. Life began at 30, and I don't think I'd go back past that again if I was given a choice.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see this photo. I think Nana Ann used to have one on her wall unit. You have achived so much. enjoy it all now.

Espana said...

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