Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter, day 2

I went to the festival quite late today. I didn't get to the studio. My health is a bit erratic, funny skin things happening. I will go tomorrow, by hook or by crook.

Today's festival highlights (I forgot to take my phone, so couldn't twitter my fun):

A duo called Bygone Errors, who played innuendo-stuffed music hall era songs and told very bad jokes (Why does a bike not stand up by itself? It's too tired (two-tyred). Boom boom!) They were very funny, and there were a lot of older people in the audience who knew the songs, so much jolly singalonging ensued. BB's parents arrive tomorrow, we're going to take Grandpa to see them, he'll love it.

Watching the Fiddle Chicks play a superb rendition of Frankenfurter's song 'I'm Going Home' in the Infinite Rocky Horror tribute heat. It had deep shades of Ultravox's 'Vienna'. The Rocky Horror theme isn't working very well this year. It's hard to camp up something already so campy, and straight or soulful renditions don't work that well either. Most of the acts are playing 'There's a Light (Over at the Frankenfurt place)', which, I've worked out, is because it has the most life-affirming hippy lyrics (There's a light // in the darkness // of everybody's life). Blech.

But the Fiddle Chicks made it work.

And then, the piece of resistance for me (although I've come home to bed way before the night is over) was Shane Howard (from Goanna), his lovely daughter and his guest vocalist, Amy Saunders from Tiddas (not Martha, Crit!). It was a superb session of original new material, finishing with a fabulous rendition of Solid Rock with a guest didge player, William Barton. I must have heard that song endless times on the radio, but it brought tears to my eyes tonight... whether with joy or nostalgia, I don't know. Barton's didgeridoo playing was spine-tingling.

OK, time to go to bed in anticipation of Easter Eggs! As I said on Facebook, I did the wife-of-a-busy-man thing this year and bought my own egg. But I made damn sure that it's bigger than his. :)


dinahmow said...

I love William Barton.
I always think the 2 scariest sounds the early white fellas heard would be the didge and the kookaburra. Imagine!

The Elephant's Child said...

Health issues suck. Hope yours settle quickly. Virtual hugs.

Mindy said...

I was asked to purchase a Lindt Easter Bunny yesterday but unfortunately the supermarket had sold out so I had to buy myself a rocky road easter egg instead. Luckily he had one I prepared earlier...

Hope the health issues clear up soon.

Mummy/Crit said...

Ah yes, Tiddas! I wish I'd been able to stay on for Solid Rock...I didn't have that album, but I have Oceania on vinyl.

The other thing about the theme is that it's all so vocal, so you're really only able to participate if you're a band with a vocalist. Totally right about the campyness of it though, and now I have a craving to watch the movie, and I want to show some of the musical numbers to D ;-)