Thursday, March 24, 2011

She's leaving home

Another photo-post, mainly because it's very hard to describe how I feel about leaving a house that I never warmed to, but which is now full of very precious memories. I had a watery tart morning as I locked it up for the last time, thinking about my son as a baby, the changes I made the house go through to make me feel like I was escaping my past instead of being trapped in it, and while I feel thankful that I've moved to somewhere that I love, a little piece of me will be reluctantly floating over the distressed wooden floorboards like a vapour wisp.

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empty shelves



floor line



I'd like to formally thank Colonel and Lady Duck for giving me a home of my own, and for all their support even though I whinged a lot about the house. It wasn't actually the house, but I guess you knew that.


Jane said...

Love the spider web on the Hills hoist...

The Elephant's Child said...

Words not necessary. Thank you. Wimp that I am, it made my eyes water. Now, onward.

Ampersand Duck said...

And upward! That tshirt in the mirror says SPACE CADET. I'm going have to buy another one soon, I love it so much.

ronnie said...

GAW.... (sniff)

Mindy said...

You are looking thin, are you looking after yourself? I find leaving houses behind, even ones I didn't particularly like difficult too.

Ampersand Duck said...

Nah, Mindy, it's just a flattering angle and a slightly concave mirror, I'm certainly not thin! Bless you, though, for worrying about it :)

Can you email me your snail mail address?

Cat Drawings said...

'Tis a fine old place and will have a new life with a new set of occupants. (And you can do drive-bys and check it out.)

Zarko said...

Cool stuff! I like the spider web!