Tuesday, March 08, 2011

As promised, the bed

I feel like International Wimmins Day has rolled right over me, and left me a bit bruised and exhausted. Today I've (in no particular order) packed and unpacked umpteen boxes, taught a class, bought some shoes, helped a load of students and a senior teacher, ridden my bike across town and back, had lunch with my hubbie, talked my son through his homework plans, amused the cats, attended a committee meeting and written the first draft of a second-round project application.

How's that for a full bloody life, eh? Classic over-'extender', dunno about 'achiever'.

For the record, 'buying shoes' was probably the girliest thing there besides lunching the hubbie (he paid, dammit), but the shoes themselves were NOT girlie, and anyone who knew me in the 80s (I think that's only you, Jo, and maybe Steeve, and possibly Lisa, if you read this) will laugh when they see them:

RIPPLE SOLES! I lived in these for at least ten years, then they disappeared off the shelves until this year. The guy in the shop laughed when I told him this, and said he's been trying to source them for years too. The originals ('Rollers', we both said at the same time, thus establishing our cred with each other, which I pretty much destroyed by saying 'SNAP') used to be made in Poland, but these are made in China and don't quite have the 'roll' as you walk that the Polish ones did. But I love them, and my feet are happy.

So. The bed. A gas-lift bed, for those enquiring minds who enquired, is a storage bed wot with you can store your winter/summer doonas or sex toys or whatever you want to store, and it has a gas-lift hydraulic thingy to help you lift the mattress to get to the storage (thank goodness, because we bought a huge mattress. The cats love it).

The bits, fresh from the flat-packed boxes.

The bits to put the bits together.

Me, putting the bits together. This is the abbreviated, censored, soaped-mouth version.

The gas-lift hydraulics, ready for the mattress.

The final bed, with brand-new linen. We keep looking at the old (Queen, so still big) bed on the low ex-futon base and wondering how we fitted into it. In this bed, sometimes in the night I don't even know there's someone else sleeping with me. BLISS.

Speaking of which, I desperately need a hot bath to relax my screaming muscles before I sleep. So ciao, until the next batch of bad iPhone photos or I get the chance to vent. Still no broadband, no tv, no telephone. Just a dongle. Happy IWD, peoples.


The Elephant's Child said...

That bed! and the linen! are both so beautiful. And I love the idea of being able to share a bed without knowing the others are there (are you listening Jazz?).

Taphophile said...

Am now coveting your bed. Gas lift storage - *sigh*

Cat Drawings said...

Ripple Soles!! How excitement. Your life is really together right now.

sex toys online said...

I really like what you have make in your bed.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, fair cop. I asked for that one. Any more, they get zapped.

Ampersand Duck said...

Zap! You have been warned.

Dorian said...

I came by because Laura, knowing how much I want a pair of Rollers, mentioned yours. So Snap! Lo and behold a new house which looks grouse.

Mummy/Crit said...

yay Rollers! (though my first reaction was "desert boots" though I knew they were the wrong colour and didn't have the textured soles). I have bed envy. We keep saying we need to buy a new (bigger) bed, but we can't fit it into our room. We're still on a double (yes, you read that right *double*) futon and as Erik still likes to wake up at 4:30 and come into bed, the mister has been sleeping in the spare room for ever now...