Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays for tomorrow

('Darwin Santa' from the Cool Cards blog)

I'm sitting in a gently genteel ramshackle house in the Blue Mountains, around the corner from BB's parents (did I ever tell you that he's the son of a preacher man? *And* a preacher woman? Both ministers!). It's grey and cool outside with a faint drizzle, and it's the closest and best thing I'll get to a white Christmas.

Other years we've spent today driving north, getting hotter and sweatier and preparing ourselves for a week of hot/humid/dusty/muddy randomness from the Woodford Folk Festival.

This year we're getting the Family Christmas out of the way; if we do it right, we won't have to do it again for another few years. Today Colonel and Lady Duck are wending their way here via the delights of Canberra's Brand Depot for a touch of last-minute shoppery, something I'm delighted not to do. They are sharing the house with us for a few days before returning to Lucky the Wonderdog. Lady Duck will adore this weather as much as I do. We both hate heat.

The best thing about this arrangement is that this house has not a skerrick of Christmas crap around it, whereas with a short walk we can be enveloped in the real deal: tree, decorations, presents, food, attitude, good cheer. And then we can return to the sanity of this secular space. Best of both worlds. Huzzar!

We exchanged contracts on our new house yesterday. It is a very traditional double-brick 1965 Canberra house with a triple garage for my studio and more storage space than you've ever seen for all of BB's jars and preserving and whatnot. Lots of wall space for books and art, and the only changes we'll need to make is to the curtains and colour scheme... eventually, when we've done everything else. I can live with peach tones and floral curtains for a while as I recover from the freefall of getting the old house ready for sale and resuming teaching etc.

So here we are, in an oasis of calm for a week, booked long enough ago to not be able to change our plans, and thus are forced to stop sanding and painting and cleaning and packing until New Year's day, when it all starts over again.

So raise your glasses and let's have a toast to a full and busy year: to Christmas 2010, here in a flash, what a year that was. Thanks to all of you for your support and friendliness, and I hope tomorrow is not too stressful for anyone. It's only a day. May it be a good one. Happy holiday!



Mindy said...

Congratulations on getting the house! So nice to have it all wrapped [sorry!] up before everyone goes on holidays. Ejnoy the coolness of the mountains I think it is supposed to be 32 where we plan to be tomorrow. Bugger, I just realised I forgot to buy potatoes on my early morning trip to the supermarket so I will have to endure the Xmas Eve rush again this year. I always plan not to, but without fail forget something important.

Have a lovely and restful Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Huzzar! indeed. What fanbloodytastic timing.
Yes, here's to wonderful things for all of us.Happy chrimble,Duck.

JahTeh said...

Congratulations. A new year in a new house, what could be better than that. I envy you already with the garage space.

fifi said...

Congrats on the new house!
And have a lovely Christmas!

Bernice said...

YOU might be able to live with the florid curtains but I cant live with those fucking cupboard handles.

Am busily scheming as I type....

Fiona Dempster said...

Happy news for Christmas - congratulations! Best wishes for a relaxing and peaceful Christmas time and a super successful and creative new year.

Anonymous said...

Congatulations on getting your new house. A long talked about subject. So glad you are having a family Christmas. This will be our first on our own in our whole married life and I am thinking gee it is not to bad!. So used to doing all the traditional Christmas. Uncle Bill thinks all his dreams have come true he does not have to go any were and he has not got any body coming. He is the happest of all. Seen the boys of with a lump in my heart. Be a different life when they come back. Merry Christmas all.

Carol said...

Love the Darwin Santa. Congratulations on getting the house - sounds great. I've no doubt you've had a restful and happy Christmas so I'll just say Happy New Year, Duck.