Friday, March 27, 2009

still running, this time uphill


I've had one of those days that start badly and get better as it goes and then goes pear-shaped again later on.

While my printer is churning out charming little promo slips that I whisked up tonight in time for the Two Fires Festival tomorrow (speaking at 11:30am, have to drive there first) and then almost lost when my software crashed, let me tell you about just one of my tits-up moments:

Another thing I do when Best Beloved goes away is live like a gypsy. Bumblebee and I eat fast, makeshift meals, most often straight out of the saucepan. Pots and pans pile up, the floor goes unswept, and the bed unmade. The day he arrives home, I do a HUGE wash-up and a lick & spit of the house.

This morning I filled the sink with hot, bubbly water, moved around a bit to gather the dirty objects (think opening scenes from Withnail & I, with a bit less mould) and turned back to find all the washing-up water over the floor. OH NOES! The sink has lost its seal! And no time to fix it or get a plumber!

The one good thing was that cleaning up the water meant a clean kitchen floor.

Later in the day I had the bright idea of doing the washing-up in the laundry sink, so BB did end up coming home to a clean kitchen, but also to a very stressed wife, who immediately ducked out the door and up to the studio to gather things for tomorrow.

Don't get me started on heart attacks when looking out the School of Music cafe to see a parking inspector wandering dangerously close to the carpark I'd plopped into without a permit (he didn't get me, thank you Ceiling Cat).

Or the fact that we have discovered that Bumblebee now fits my shoes, and has gone off to school in my nice black Baxter boots, bringing them back all boy-scuffed. Unfortunately most of my shoe wardrobe consists of men's shoes, so I'll have to hide my favorites until he grows out of them (in about two months).

OK, printing done, time for bed.


genevieve said...

Heh. I have a 'boy' who lines all my boots up, whether they be brown or black...
Remember to breathe, you and best wishes for an apple shaped day today -wish I could have come, it sounds fab.
I had a few laundry floods like that when children were younger, in a beach house which probably had the cleanest laundry floor evah.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

There's a story in my family about my grandmother returning home early from her week away, only to find my grandfather hosing the crockery all laid out on a tarpaulin on the front lawn. They had more water back then.

JahTeh said...

In my married days I often threw the whole lot in the bath as it held more than the sink. Them's were the days when I could kneel on real knees.

dual monitors said...


naomi said...

Hope the festival goes well, and that you put these astounding instances of domestic incompetence behind you (and that BB has fixed the sink by the time you start your working week).

BTW, I fixed my loo, thanks to BB's example. And now I have a sparkly green shell and faux turtle ridden resin loo seat!

Dorian said...

Life is better at our place since we got to know the plumber next door.

Mrs Slocombe said...

ha ha you is a woman after me own heart