Wednesday, March 25, 2009

snort du jour

Best Beloved is away for work until Friday night.

I worked until 1am last night, because I could.

Best Beloved makes me breakfast in bed every weekday, but the catch is that he brings it to me at 6:30am, something I'm normally cranky about, but the truth is that if he's not around, I forget to eat breakfast, so I must learn to stop grumbling at 6:30am.

Padge woke me up at 7:30am, walking around me in circles and banging me on my forehead with his forehead at every pass, and then I started working again, interspersed with school lunches etc. And I forgot about breakfast. So here I am in my Bookstud office, yawning with a grumbly tummy. I've just set up my work for the Art-i-Techs show:


and had a look around, and it is a really terrific show. I'll try to take some photies later in the day when the labels are up.

What was I doing with this post? Oh! Thank goodness I wrote the title first. The snort de jour isn't staying up late nor forgetting to eat nor reminding you that I'm exhibiting; it is this. Enjoy.


fifi said...

you just reminded me i left my porridge in the microwave at home.....

my pals and I used to design "rude clothes" when we were in about year 10, kind of along the lines of those t shirts, only worse....we were going to send them to tv folks like daryl somers and miss marilyn and beg them to wear them. Even thiking about that now is bringing on a snort of epic proportion...aaah memories

psycho child? moi?

cristy said...

Can anyone attend the opening?

(I ask this will a sad knowledge that the small person will probably prevent me from actually following through with my desired plans...)

Ampersand Duck said...

But of course! Open for all!

Bernice said...

And jolly good the show is too. One of the great strengths of CSA - the folk who work there are makers and producers of things. Substantial, touchable real things. And bloody good things too.

Ampersand Duck said...

Bernice, you are behind the times.

Surely you mean ANU SofA?

Which is not only a mouthful of an acronym, but gives an unfortunate mental picture of a couch full of people doing nothing, which, as you have pointed out, is just. not. true.

Anonymous said...