Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kitten Wars: Cat in the Hat

Pooter and Padge decided to try on Aretha's hat: who do you think suits it more?

Mr Padge in Aretha's hat
Mr Padge doesn't seem to like the hat, but he loves the new president.

Mr Pooter in Aretha's hat
Mr Pooter just wants that person over there to SHUT. UP. He's loving the Brave New World vibes.

(Snaps to Ann oDyne, who added to the joy at Sorrow at Sills Bend)

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lucy tartan said...

A dressmaking blog I read had this to say about the hat:

"just imagine that you are in the audience at this momentous occasion. Imagine what those huge (12mm) Swarovski stones look like in the bright winter sun. Imagine being so far away that you can’t actually see her, but you can hear that voice and the rhinestones are flashing in your eyes while she’s singing. You cry because they are so bright and it hurts but also because of the emotion in the moment. Aretha was the Statut of Liberty, her brilliant hat was her crown and the microphone was her torch." Isn't that lovely?