Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Comfort zones

TOO MUCH INFORMATION! was bellowed down the phone.

Heh. I do love those moments. Well, I replied, BB needed a small reward for mowing nearly all of the lawn...

Shaved verge


He steeled himself and braved the heat on Monday to mow everything but half of the back yard, only stopping because the lawnmower conked out. Now we are experiencing that exquisite but short-lived time when our lawn has transformed from unruly white trash into something that makes everyone else look unkempt. Bliss!

Please note the abundance of plums on the brink of harvesting. Not long now until BB goes completely nuts with the jam jars and our kitchen turns purple.

Bejeebus, it's hot, isn't it? Padge thinks so, and is cooling his fur coat by living in the bathroom:

bath Padge

He's very happy.

I did a similar thing during the holidays, at a wonderful waterhole near Kyogle:


The water was cool and green, the blue sky had a wonder of cloud shapes, and I lay there for ages watching them, fringed by rainforest. Around me, people splashed and played, but my ears were under water and I just floated and breathed.

After a long while, I looked up to see my son and my brother-in-law watching me from the rocks. FOUND ANY EELS YET? they yelled. Ahem. Time to hop out. Still, it was splendid, and I was reminded of it by Fifi's splendiferous recent post about swimming. I'm NOT a swimmer, never have been, but I enjoy water when I can swim within my comfort zone. I do so envy Fifi's being comfortable in the ocean.

I am drowning in blogposts to catch up with. My feedreader says I have 2786 unread posts. Holy mouseclicks. I'll get there, but don't be surprised if I leave really stupid late comments on posts you've written months ago. I seem to start with the people who only post occasionally, because they only have a couple of things for me to read, which is why I nearly fell off my chair catching up with Bad News Hughes' Visit to an Antique Store this morning (warning: that link is not for anyone culturally sensitive or Nice, but it is definitely for people who think dolls are creepy).

OK, enough computer. Time for a cold shower and a bit of studio time. I love cold concrete flooring (in summer!).


Maria said...

And hre I had been told the way to get comments was to update often!

You have proved that piece of advie (I think it's on some blogspot advice page) wrong.

In other mostly unrelated comments ... even if you don't update, I like coming to your site just to look at Mr Padge and Mr Pooter.

fifi said...

oh, how lovely to see you floating abaht in the water...I was thinking of you in your studio, and there you are swimming!

oh, and every time I see a picture of you you look different. Equally as gorgeous every time, but always somewhat different.

I guess this time it's the curls!

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

That's the waterhole of loveliness. My eel-loathing lifted a little when I learn that their babies are called elvers.

Anonymous said...

I recently spent time with my sister at Jervis Bay. Every day we'd be in the beautiful waters of the Bay. I had forgotten just how beautiful it is to float on my back in the sea, with ears submerged so that sounds are muffled and with eyes closed. My first attempt to surf in over 20 years was not so pleasant.