Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slowing down... temporarily

I got back from Sturt on Friday night, and was oh... so... tired. What a week! It was lots of fun, and my students were terrific. I'm just downloading my photos, so I'll post more about that tonight or tomorrow; I'm having a go-slow weekend at the moment. I'm writing this at work, in between printing a token batch of pages just to stop my chest from tightening, but I'm printing at half-speed and taking breaks to do things like write this.

Yesterday I slept in for the first time in ages. And it was a delight to wake on a familiar mattress after the beating my back got from sleeping on a boarding school bed. What else did I do? I went over to Belconnen Mall and had a brisk, brusque but effective Chinese massage from the no-wait Dave Lim clinic, then I had a fabulous walk up Mount Majura by myself and watched a large number of kangaroos jump alongside of me in perfect timing to Al Green's Let's Stay Together. Only in Canberra, truly.

Last night BB, Byrd and I caught some hot anime Batman action and then devoured some salt & pepper soft shell crab among other things at a new el-cheapo noodle house in Dickson called Kenny's. Tonight I intend to flake out to Donna and the Doctor with some Lamb Shank and Quince Tagine. The joys of being at home!

Bumblebee doesn't get home until Tuesday, so I've still got a couple of days up my sleeve to get busy. In the meantime, I'm enjoying not talking to anyone (something BB understands, bless him). Except all of you, obviously. I might even get around to some scrabulous later.
[happy sigh]

OH! BTW, I *highly* recommend Olive Leaf Extract to fend off lurgies this winter. It kept coldie death at bay all week -- I could feel it lurking down deep, but the OLE kept me upright. Now that I have time to rest, I can feel my body joining in to help beat it totally. It's fabulous stuff. I had a student with a bad cough, so we added some to her water bottle and she stopped hacking. I'm a convert.


Michelle said...

So Kenny's is good? I was wondering about it last night as I parked outside Noodle House to get my pad thai.

Thanks for the OLE rave review too - I'll have to add that to my repertoire (I think I just spelt repertoire wrong, but I couldn't be shagged getting a dictionary to check).

Poppy Letterpress said...

There's nothing better than a little time to yourself after such a busy week. Make sure you enjoy every minute of it.

I must get some OLE, it sounds like fantastic stuff. I'm not sick now, but it's guaranteed to come back soon enough...

Mummy/Crit said...

Blogmeet at kenny's some time? sounds like the go. good to hear that sturt went well and the lurg was held at bay. more scrab pls.

chosha said...

I haven't seen any of the anime festival films yet, but I think I'm going on Wednesday to see The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. There are earlier films made by the same people that I really enjoyed.

The OLE is a good tip, thanks. My dad is pretty hard hit by winter coughs, etc and the older he gets the more dangerous it becomes. I'd love to recommend something that really might keep the nasties at bay.

Ampersand Duck said...
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Ampersand Duck said...

I went to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time last night! Very good! I loved it when they showed English subtitles for the English subtitles.