Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remember to breathe


In. out. in. out. Try to remember the quietness of sunset.

It's been one of those weeks, compounded by the fact that everything I tried to do at bookbinding today went askew and afterwards I walked through the shops and realised that there's nothing I like in fashion this season. Skinny jeans. Dropped waists. Nothing for fat legs and drooped breasts.

And I just have to say that as much as I love our Auntie, today was one of the best JJJ listening experiences I've ever had. All the music and none of the teen surfie-worshipping blokey (yes, even the females) matey Strine I hear the obviously unteenage DJs using that makes my eyelids twitch. There. That's all I have to say on that point.

To finish on a reasonably fun note, check out the lovely people of Tyrrell Partners (an accountancy firm, not the winery) and wonder why they even bothered to put a 'favorite book' section in their staff profile.

Back to Mary Gilmore and trying to get Bumblebee to see the bright side of life (more on that when I can think clearer).

In. out. in. out. in. out.


seepi said...

oh dear, two of them want to meet the deli lama.

Ampersand Duck said...

Actually, so do I. His pastrami probably sings.

Mummy/Crit said...

JJJ today? I share your feelings on that one, except that I noticed the loop in the tape this afternoon. I was expecting it as I spent lots of time listening to the tape they broadcast before going live in 199something. That ran about 3 hours and I can still name some of the songs on it.

Fashion? I know how it goes too, but some of this years gear fits me OK, 'cos despite the droopy boobs, and lack of waist, some of that low-waist thing works for me. Suzanne Grae sometimes has sensible things at sensible prices...

What is shitting me, fashion wise, is bloody glasses. They're all small and rectangular (not necessarily a bad thing for my face) but really thick/heavy frames, which I don't like so much. I just got new contacts (finally) and wanted to update my glasses, but no. Not possible.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, I hit the tape loop too, which I thought was a bit weird, seeing that we're in the era of the limitless ipod. Surely they could have put their library on random or something.

Yeah, I keep thinking I'll get my eyes lasered, but I'm too scared in case it goes wrong. I like what little vision I have.

Claire said...

I said the same thing to my partner this morning. It was great to just have the music :-) I stopped listening to jjj a few years ago, they were aiming at the teen market and the music went shit so I switched to classic fm.

But then they bumped classic clive and got someone really dull to cover the breakfast slot and I decided that perhaps I can extend my yoof out a few more years. - even though the morning announcers are crap, and the new presenter of Hack.

I do have a little crush on Mif though.

Boysenberry said...

Can't comment on the fashion thing, really. For us blokes, it doesn't really change that much.

Sad to say, but yesterday was a bloody good day for listening to JJJ. Maybe I'm just getting too old to listen to emo and teens ringing in, all giggly.

Good luck with Bumblebee. I spent a while last night convincing MissB that something wasn't the end of the world.

Galaxy said...

There's a lovely photo of a tiger-lily curl over at Random Acts of Photography that will help with the breathing:

DestructoMeg said...

heh I enjoyed JJJ yesterday morning too, even though I quite enjoy Jay and the Doctor. (But the request thing at night annoys the living hell out of me, that's when JJJ gets turned off) The only problem was that there was no news to tell me what the time was. That's why I was late for work... honest ;)
There's a letter in SMH today saying exactly the same thing about Classic FM.

Laura said...

On the other hand, RN yesterday was horrible.

To be a bit fair to Tyrrell people, one of them had a favourite book and another had too many to mention. Go her. Hope she gets a better job, soon.

It's funny you should say that about the fashions because I really like them at the moment, for the first time in ages. Not the dropped waist / skinny jeans bits - that stuff looks good on nobody except the people that everything looks good on - but the high waists and big skirts and chunky belts, and cropped cardigans. And the colours are nice too. And polka dots are back, hurray.