Friday, September 08, 2006

invaders score

Blah. I was going to write a post about how flat and wurty I'm feeling (see? Not always unbearable happy and content) but I couldn't be arsed going through it all. Small space in big workload means tired gremlins can creep through the cracks. Little things start to feel hard to cope with. I've got a child-free weekend this weekend (haven't had one for a month) so hopefully the sun will be sunnier be the end of it.

Just to stop my mind from running in my own loops I took some time out this morning to play with some real loops. I had a play with Fluffy's excellent animated gif instructions. I've been working on a program for the 80s trivia night at Bumblebee's school this weekend, and I used a space invaders cover theme. So here's my rough little incessant gif, as my first burnt offering to the universe, begging it to be kind over the next few days:

invaders score

[I suppose I'd better let you local people know that if you're interested in an 1980s trivia night, also with a silent auction, it's on at Lyneham Primary this saturday night (tomorrow) from 6.30pm. There will be tables of 10, or you can join an orphan's table, I guess. Ring the school on 6205 6511 to book, or there will be limited tickets at the door.]


Kate said...

That gif is rather hypnotic and terrifying.

I've been a bit wurty too this week -- I had a great weekend, then the weather turned cruddy and Mr Kate went away for a month and work was very 'meh'. I am coping by spending a lot of time on the couch knitting socks. Seems to be working, but THE WIND is really starting to bother me in a slightly unhinged kind of way.

Hope the busy-ness and wurty-ness improves soon.

Kate said...

It's still windy.

Just had to tell someone that.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

it's still windy here, too, Kate. windy and grey and coooold after all that beautiful spring springiness.

we're all a bit wurty at the moment, it seems... so you're in excellent* company, Ducky.

btw, well done on the gif! well done, and kinda painful ;)

* maybe