Saturday, April 12, 2014

A pretext for moving along

I think I've come to terms that this blog is over. It was a fantastic way to meet people and talk about my thoughts and processes, but I seem to be channeling that sort of thing in other directions now.

I've started a PhD at the University of Canberra, looking at poetry and print technologies and artists' books, which is a delightfully useless topic to be exploring in this particular political climate, when there is a hard push for everything to be vocational. Heh, I guess this stuff is my vocation, so all I can do is forge ahead.

[2023: this never actually happened, but I'm hoping to get something like it up sometime, will add the link here when it does] As part of my research, I've started a new website/blog thing called PRETEXT. It aims to be a one-stop resource of weblinks, reference materials, primary sources such as re-published catalogue texts that are out of print, and new writings by people who are at the coalface of book arts in Australia and New Zealand. I launched it in January, and it’s having a slow and steady start, but as the momentum builds I hope that people (YOU) start to interact with it: leave comments, start discussions, send me information, write words for it. It covers the whole spectrum of book making and processes that lead to books, like binding, papermaking and printmaking. I’m interested in all forms of book-making that step sideways from the mainstream publishing industry. They all need to be explored and supported and above all, discussed. I’m attempting to build up a proper living and pulsing picture of what is happening in Australia right now, and of what happened in the last 4 decades up  to now, so that when people want to know about our regional condition, as I do now, the information is freely there, to be worked and reworked to our mutual advantage.  

Pretext has a Facebook page, and has a Twitter feed (@pretextual), to advertise events and news, so if you want to be involved, that's also a good way. If you have any events or exhibitions you'd like me to spruik, please get in touch: caren at pretext dot com dot au. 

Thanks so much for reading me and talking to me over the years. I'm still putting stuff on (new website), mostly practice-related. I think I'm all talked out about my personal life, but you can never say never :)

I'll leave you with a photo of Padge, wearing his happy face. Remember to breathe x



elsewhere said...

Sorry to hear you are moving on, but as it seems you are upping traps to another blog, it's not all bad. Look forward to reading Pretext.

Elephant's Child said...

Go well. Work hard - and have fun. Lots of fun.

Mindy said...

I may be forced to come and visit Messrs Padge and Pooter and to remember to breathe :)

carolbaby said...

So sad to see so many old skool blogs fading away. I wish more bloggers would do this - the announcement of the closing-up of course, not the closing up itself. I often wonder what has become of the people whose blogs I read so avidly I the past.

More power to delightful uselessness!

Thanks for the excellent reading and the glimpse into the private life.

Good luck with those exciting endeavours.

Sara Bowen said...

I added up all your posts: 1368 of them over 10 years, which works out at one post every 3 point something meaningless days! For 10 years. No wonder it's time to move along... so I'll look forward to seeing what you're up to on Pretext! Sara xx

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, now you're all making me feel sooky and regretful. I wouldn't be the artist I am now, whatever that is, without the excellent blog conversations over the years. I will miss it... so thanks, ruly truly.

Helen said...

I remember a couple of times when your reminder to breathe gave me pause for thought or even a gasp for breath. Onwards ho and Fare well

M-H said...

Dear Duckie, yours was one of the first blogs I read and you're still in my feed. Good luck with the PhD (if you want some context for your experience you can read mine here.) I will add the feed for pretext and rather sadly delete this one now. As I breathe.

naomi said...

And it's been grand, and thank you, and without it we wouldn't have cemented our relationship in quite the same way and ... wah but next!

Genevieve said...

Long May You Run.
Sad to see one of the best go, but Pretext looks awesome.
Thanks for all the great writing about life and work, Caren.