Tuesday, May 01, 2012

children making books

A bit last-minute, but there's still time to book your creative youngster into a totally awesome class every Saturday afternoon in May, learning how to write, storyboard and draw your own illustrated book.

Featuring the amazing talents of burgeoning illustrator Annika Romeyn (you will know that name in a few years) and roping in my kid-wrangling bookbinding skillz, the class will use the SLV's travelling exhibition LOOK! The Art of Australian Picture Books Today (showing at CMAG right now) as a resource and make their own incredible works.

Your child will learn SO MUCH from Annika. Get thee hence to the CMAG website and at the very least put yourself on their mailing list, because they offer so much to the ACT community. Please pass on this info to anyone who might be interested.


Geoff said...

Bummer ... I'm too old to attend and the littlies are too young ... looks a great series though.

Have fun! :-)

Elephant's Child said...

How brilliant. I also regret being a tad too old.

Mindy said...

In three years Gemma will be there with bells on and Charlie will still just be young enough to come too.

Lyn Weir said...

Really enjoyed the LOOK exhibition when it was on at the Qld State Library - would so like to attend the workshops, wish I was 1. In Canberra & 2. A youngster! Have fun!

Narelle said...

Caren, how did the first one go? I hope you had plenty of eager book makers to keep you two amused!

Ampersand Duck said...

Narelle, I wasn't there! I'm still waiting to hear how it went myself. Thanks to other commitments (I was a student this weekend and I'm teaching at Megalo next weekend) I'm only stepping in in the final week to teach them how to sew up their beautifully-drawn books!