Monday, February 06, 2012

Oh, oh, OH

A friend travelling for a year in South America has just sent me the best link to a black cat story. Look at it and weep with love.

Talk about 'stage moms'!

Yesterday I roused myself out of my summer stupor and went to the final day of the temporary roller-skating rink in Garema Place. It was a fancy-looking thing, all orange and blue, and had an amoebic shape, with a little curved ramp at one end like a skatepark.

I took my faithful old skates for the outing, but they proved to have the wrong wheels on them, too slippery for the lino-like surface. After a big straight-down-on-my-bottom fall, I decided to use the hired skates, and their grip was *much* better. Only one more fall, onto my right hip, after attempting the skatepark ramp (stoopid ramp), but when I stuck to the 'flat' (I use that term lightly, there were lots of little bumps & ripples in the surface) I managed ok. I also met a nice woman and her daughter who seemed like fun people to talk to while I rolled around (Bumblebee came with me but chickened out, preferring to sit by the side & play iPod games). Turned out she's a cake decorator who makes some pretty snazzy cakes.

So I went home happy and spent the day gradually stiffening up from the falls. Nothing a bit of wine and nurofen couldn't help :)

One more week at home and then the frenzy starts. Next week I'm in Melbourne, teaching at the 2012 Rare Book Summer School, and I get home with one day to rest before starting the semester at the art school, only one (hopefully two, if my typography course runs, but it's looking dormant this time around) days a week, but it does mean I have to focus on the days I have for my studio rather than lolloping around like I am right now.

*snuggles down into the pillows*

I'll leave you with my black cats, sharing the window.

Pooter wants to know why he can't be in the movies...


ronnie said...

those LIFE pics are a total delight (sorry pooter - maybe if you clone yourself you could get your face on the big screen....) ps the piccie of the lady with the white fuzzy hat and batgirl eyebrows holding her black sleek cat is my fav. - v. stylish

Elephant's Child said...

Oh, oh, oh. Jazz says that he is cuter than any of those cats. Padge and Pooter look delightful. They haave obviously settled in beautifully.

I hope your bruises are not too bad today. Good luck with your v busy times ahead.

Cat Drawings said...

Saw that link. What an amazing sight. All those cats putting up with each other.

I'm a big fan of the black cats, even though the ones I have now aren't. Yours are very photogenic.

Mrs B said...

Three cheers for good old Wine and Nurofen!
Mouser likes the pictures of the cat auditions but has second thoughts about being fondled by Peter Lorre and Vincent Price.

Nurofen said...

It is surprising how much can fit into even the smallest bag - looks as if you've got all the essentials! x

Mummy/Crit said...

The Into Temptation cake lady is a friend of my cousin. yay Canberra.