Friday, April 29, 2011


I think I've killed all the mites, and the antihistamine is working most of the time, so hey ho, it's off to work today, after two weeks of uni break and no pay. I love the way I usually get ill when there's time to be ill. This is why I rarely take holidays.

The cats are going to the vet today for annual injections and their first major teeth-scraping, so have had nil by mouth since last night's dinner and no toilet outing this morning... I have very naggy, angry, yowly cats wrestling each other all over the house as I type. Hilarious for now, but in a few moments I have to wrestle them into their cat box, and in the process I'm pretty sure I'll gain a few more skin problems :)


dinahmow said...

Did mine last week. Still bloody!
You could always threaten them with scabies!

wv is tepol

Mindy said...

It never ends! Good luck with getting them into their boxes.

Elephant's Child said...

Glad that the scabies is in retreat. To be replaced by scabs if your cats are anything like ours. Cat cages are places of torture, and they cry piteously all the way to the vet. And we had a cat who used to put his tail between his legs and crap on it as we pulled in. Urk. Good luck.

Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

Oh dear... I hope you don't wind up too bandaged...!

Sara Bowen said...

Dear god, more horrors! I was open-mouthed at the scabies but didn't have a laptop so was mentally sending commiserations. I hope the antihistamines do the trick. PS., if you have some extra specially itchy places, try haemmerhoid cream: there's one with 50mg Lignocaine and it works a treat on leech bites so I reckon it might work for scabies too... after all the indignities you've suffered recently, the pharmacy counter with a tube of haemmerhoid cream and a big smile doesn't sound so bad! Sara x