Monday, February 07, 2011

Freaky sky biz

funny pictures - Urban kitteh is always prepard

Ahem. Moving right along.

Hasn't the weather been crazy?

On Saturday we went for a wonderful jaunt up Mt Majura with our future Hackett community of art school-based friends where we dodged enormous green-arsed bull ants, drank beverages, ate yummies and many of us had swims in the Top Dam. I didn't swim, but I will next time. Best Beloved didn't swim, but he will when he gets over his shyness with my friends who wouldn't give a rats if he has all-over excema stuff. Bumblebee did swim, and I was very proud of him for doing so. He's turning into someone who will try new things, and many of them surprise the hell out of me. Like jumping off the 5m diving board at the Civic Pool, something he'd never have done a year ago. Mind you, he was with his mates, which is a risk-taking incentive that sends small chills up my spine when I think of it being extended to things like booze & cars in a few years.

Anyhoo, about an hour after we came off the mountain, we had another freaky hard rain storm, just like the one the day before that threatened to flood our studios at ANCA. Phew! We're the lucky ones, all threats and very few consequences, unlike nearly everywhere else in the country.

Freaky, freaky, times.


The Elephant's Child said...

The weather has not only been crazy but vile. Your jaunt up Mt Majura sounded braver than I could attempt. Even a little exercise at the moment leaves me a wet and soggy mess - it sounded great though

The Elephant's Child said...

Sorry. It is time I came out from the closet and I forgot to include my URL. I previously hid under anon and chickenhearted anon.

Alexis said...

My Ma, living in the NE Victoria, had snow on her local alps last night. Which is lovely and all, but, really, early February.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yay for The Elephant's Child, except your link doesn't work, so you are still mysteriously mysterious.

SNOW! Now this is getting RIDICULOUS. *looks up* Do you hear me? RIDICULOUS!

The Elephant's Child said...

My link doesn't work because there is a screw loose in the operator (me). Sorry about that. Hopefully I have fixed it. Fingers and toes crossed.

Anonymous said...

Top dam? I didn't know! I usually drive with my doggie to Uriarra for a swim... is it dog friendly up there? Can you locate a location or is top secret squirrel?

Ampersand Duck said...

Absolutely dog friendly; we had at least six dogs in the group.

The only way I know to get there is to get to the McKenzie St Hackett entrance to the mountain (the one with a row of big stones, up the end of Grayson St), and veer right to the wide grey gravel road and head up the road. You'll go past a small body of water, but after fifteen minutes of casual walking (from the start), you'll see a dam on the left with a big fallen tree along the far side, and a few seats built on the near side. That's the 'top dam', and apparently the swimming is great. I'll try next time ;)