Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Almost there (ii)

Have resolved to stop feeling cranky about what I'm doing. My friend Jo's latest post and all the news that is around us about the flooding has brought it home to me that what I'm doing is absolutely minor compared to what is ahead of a lot of Queenslanders. At least my house isn't full of mud (although what was behind our kitchen bookshelf was quite alarming).

Bumblebee is back for his two days of home but isn't very useful (he's a tad cack-handed in a gawky teenage way) so is watching Stah Waz to stay out of the way and doing occasional forays to the shops for me. The car is at the garage and it's raining so we're stuck at home, a great excuse to try to finish all the indoor chores.

Better get on. I'm sorry about the floods, hope all my Qld friends are coping. I'm thinking dry thoughts for you.


fifi said...

Good luck with all those chores, its giving me a hadache just reading abaht it.

I was just wondering whether I was correct in thinking that you did a blog post about going to a japanese paper shop in tokyo...or am I delusional? I am sure I recall reading something about it.

I'm off to japan, and would very much like to get some paper...or look at some. If at any point you down tools and remove your tradie tool-pouch, can you point me to that post if it exists???

Ampersand Duck said...

Darling Fifi, I have never been to Japan, but I probably wrote about going to an excellent paper shop in Seoul.

I have an artist friend, however, who spends lots of time in Japan, and her blog is

Her email address is on her 'Complete Profile' and I'm sure she'd have some really good paper and tool tips and addresses. Just tell her I sent you ;)

Cat Drawings said...

Strangely, this makes me wonder, if I had a choice, whether I'd rather have it blown away or submerged in mud. Think I prefer blown away as the clean-up is then as simple as a bulldozer.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yeah, i think I agree with you, although without the being broken by flying objects part :)

AMCSviatko said...

Let me know if you need to borrow Miss Daisy. She's all newly serviced and I'm sure is dying to get out and about...

fifi said...

Ah, bless you oh paint spattered one. Yes, it was Seoul.
Thanks for the blog link though! I'll hurry on over.
Wishing you a speedy journey through your toiling.