Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3 Chords & the Truth

Just a quick reminder that this show opens tomorrow night at 6pm, and we're featuring the super local band Dr Stovepipe!

I've made a number of works using sheet music, and I'm really happy with them. Yesterday and today have been spent installing and helping the marvellous Narelle make a very cool zine-like catalogue.

Come and see!

[I had a fun but manic weekend, and this weekend, wot with the Folk Festival and having to write a paper for Mackay's conference, and then next week, wot with going to Mackay, means that I'm not going to be able to to justice to the fun things I want to tell you... sorry. I'll try to fill the gaps once I'm sitting quietly in my hotel room in Mackay...]


Sara Bowen said...

Good luck with your show; I can't come but I'll see you in Mackay hopefully. I'm breezing in for the exhibition opening on Friday and then swanning off again on Saturday morning so sadly I won't see you in action at the conference but am looking forward to lots of BookArtObject people being up there!

Mummy/Crit said...

Not sure if I can make it tomorrow, but we must catch up at the fez. I'll be there all weekend!

BwcaBrownie said...

the heading got my attention. I do love that song ... "he broke my heart, with 3 chords and the truth" which I think is by Sarah McLachlan, I haven't heard it for a long time.
I wish I could get to the event too.