Tuesday, August 18, 2009

touched ups for everyone!

Last night after I mounted my solo show post, I hyperventilated a little bit and decided to cruise my blogroll in search of some diversion. I usually only glance sideways at Photoshop Disasters, since the quality of posting is quite uneven, but this time I struck gold... and leapt across to the source site to have a really good look.

If you have a pre-teen or teenage son or daughter (or anyone in your life who believes that women should look like models), this site is essential viewing. I cannot stress this enough.

It is a portfolio of images that helpfully showcases before and after with a roll of the mouse, and while some of the transformations are simple (wrinkles and skin smoothed out, curves reduced or enhanced), some of them are absolutely gobsmacking. It's an easy way to lose half an hour, and, if you have any feminist leanings, to raise your blood-pressure a bit.

These are some of my favorites:
-- woman with/without remote, and swivelling head!
-- Bikini girl, who was very nice to start with, but has been given extra butt and less waist, along with a new improved face.
-- Girl with a sad hairline suddenly has a perfect hairline! And really weird eyes, worthy of a video game.

Ribs are out, so are flat hair and low boobs. And if you don't want to expose your breasts, no worries, they can just do it for you anyway.



Carol said...

You're right, essential viewing. That Photoshop Disasters just stole half an hour from me and I had to stop myself from continuing to see every old post on the site. I've obviously been too unobservant in the past but now I'm on to it.

oldfeminist said...

Wow, the inevitable plumping up of breasts there is amazing. Even the "fix the candid" shot has sudden breast enlargement.

There are some other retouchings of men, and so far as I can see, they don't include any changes to their actual physiology at all.

Ariane said...

Gah! I had to look several times to notice the hairline, I was so stunned by the eyes.

Not to mention "Here, have a pair of someone else's breasts". *shudder*

When we were at school, we had a mandatory 15 min reading session every morning. I really feel that at least one day a week should have that 15min dedicated to media critique. This sort of stuff, Media Watch and so on.

Here via HAT, BTW

Ampersand Duck said...


Yeah, oldfeminist, I noticed that too. Although -- did you look at the shots of the older couple? They both lost a lot of wrinkles, although he was allowed to keep enough to look vaguely 'rugged'. Makes me want to spit.

Anonymous said...

Thats a time sink, making all those girls breath. I dont quite follow the loss of muscle definition though, time to hit the mirror and see if i get smoother arms when i breath in.


Mummy/Crit said...

Yeah, that retouching site was bad bad news. Like byrd said - making them breathe was pretty interesting.