Monday, June 22, 2009

goings and comings

Today Bumblebee and I had a mental health day. He stayed home from school to nurse his hacking cough, and I spent the day de-cluttering. It was ace.

I went through the house and found all the books that were lying around waiting to be read, and made an on-the-spot decision about whether I would EVER get around to reading them. Then I went through my shelves (not BB's, I wouldn't dare) and culled all the books that had accumulated that I didn't want to read again.

There's been a big pile of old clothes lying in the door of my study for AGES. That was sorted into various piles: hand-me-downs for littler boys, a bag for Vinnies, a bag for Aussiejunk.

And then we took them away and gave them to various organisations. And felt great.

When we dropped into Vinnies at Dickson we discovered an excellent winter sale. We found Bumblebee a very cool demin jacket and I got two nice cardies. We felt ok about buying them, because we had space.

Then when we went to Woollies to buy toothpaste (something the local organic vegie store doesn't provide), they gave us a big slab of chocolate cake each as part of some Quaint-arse frequent flyers promotion. Bumblebee was stoked, and claimed it was our reward for finally doing the clean-up.

I was so inspired, I went home and wrote some important emails I've been forgetting about. I applied for a residency in New Zealand, I followed through on a tip about the chance to buy some new type. Both of which are chances, but you've got to be in to win, haven't you?

Inspired by those, I made some useful phone calls. I'm a phone-shy person; I hate making calls and I hate talking on the phone for ages, it makes my ears sweaty. I used to have eczema behind my ears, and I think a lot of my aversion stems back to that time. But today! I had one of my EUREKA! dreams the other day, about how to find a press mechanic. So I acted upon my dream and found a fellow who is going to visit my studio early next week. HUZZAR!

So there is a chance that my press will be operational by the time I have my studio warming -- which, by the way, has changed dates. I remember promising the 4th of July. But that date went squidgy when I discovered that it clashed badly with a paying function in the complex's gallery -- a function that ISN'T very compatible with a joyful launching of a space.

So the new date is 1 August:

I'm sure I won't have the press running, even if it is operational, but it would be nice to have it a bit cleaner than it is now (it's already cleaner than it was when it moved in, thanks to Bernice's dexterity with sandpaper and oil). I won't be able to do much at all other than stand around waving a glass and talking to people as they wander in and out, but what fun! This date also coincides with an exhibition in the ANCA studio by John Loane of Veridian Press (he prints all of Mike Parr's prints, as well as many other Aust art biggies), so it's a double-barrelled fun time.

And according to Progressive Dinner Party, it is time to plant garlic! I just bought some local garlic the other day, feeling like I wanted to grow some, and now I find that my urge is BASIC and ANCIENT and INSTINCTIVE. I love it when I get things right. Now I'm going to act like a real woman and make some vege nachos with real (pressure-cooked) kidney beans. W00T!


Zoe said...

What a truly glorious day, and now a little rain to make the garlic happy!

kris said...

Well done on the clean up - they can be very healthy for the mind and body!

Your comment about the garlic just got me wondering if twitter has a microblogging gardner for us less in tune folk... I'm gonna go see...

cristy said...

Sounds like an excellent day. Now I want to get all organised.

Where is Vinnies in Dickson? I have been missing out!

byrd said...

I saw you both drifting through Dickson in matching dark wardrobe, but im not a huge fan of yelling at peoples.

Ampersand Duck said...

Cristy, it's opposite the Woolies petrol station, next to the Asian bottle shop. it's a choice one!

Byrd: heh. We must have looked very Emo. B loves his black duffle coat. I was standing in the supermarket today, trying to decide which type of instant noodley thing to buy when a friend accused me of being too cool to acknowledge her! In reality I was a million miles away, daydreaming. Happens a lot, I tune out of the world, so chances are I wouldn't have heard you even if you'd yelled...

Mindy said...

I did a sneaky clean out yesterday while the kids were away. I also have an old washing basket by the front door to put stuff in to take to Vinnies. I've done two loads so far. It is very satisfying.