Monday, June 04, 2007

Duck types

Mindless Munkey sent me a nice email today alerting me to the following clip and hoping I liked it:

Via: VideoSift

I do, MM, I do. It's very cute.

Actually, it was mucking around with letters like this (but in the more static form of prints) that led me to the creation of the Ampersand Duck:

ducks in formation

I was designing a children's book for the Noma Concours Book Illustration competition, something we were encouraged to do every two years as students in the Graphic Investigations Workshop.

Here's another duck, this time with a balloon:

balloon duck

I printed these (and other things like birds and fish and aliens and circus performers) onto very bright monoprinted backgrounds, so no two prints were the same. Monoprinting is something I love to do, because it makes each print unique. One day I'll have time to play with it again.

Anyhoo, those little ducks stuck in my head, flapping about a bit for a few years until I had to make up a blog name, and then they quacked as loud as they could to be remembered. And here we are.

Thanks for thinking of me, MM. Much appreciated.


meli said...

Cool video! The little 6-snail makes me smile. And I love your &ducks.

fifi said...

What a lovely clip- so clever!

Very similar to your designs. I love the "crackly" aesthetic of the old letters, remind me of old novels. Nice.
I love monoprinting, especially on rice paper, I am doing a layered print with monoprinting on tha bottom and fish over the top. And seaweed. fuuuun.

Mummy/Crit said...

Wow, I loved that animation! reminded me of old school sesame street. But also a lot like the &duck.

Anonymous said...

that link to mindless munkey doesn't go anywhere!

Ampersand Duck said...

Goodness me, you're right. It's fixed now.