Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We know who we are...

We know who we are

This is the latest image to come from one of my favorite contemporary artists: Bernie Slater. I think Bernie's work was one of the first things I posted when I started this blog. He's also hanging out in the BookStud as a resident artist. I'm wishing I had a bigger version of this to do it justice and so that you can catch the details, but he also sent me some close-ups, and I'll give you a tour...

We know who we are (detail:1)

This is the first half. The text held by the man on the left says: "WORKPLACE RELATIONS: bend over and take it". The next fellow is holding up a newspaper that reads: "THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: terrorists want to root your sister", and the fellow behind is holding up a photo of Dr Phil. I adore the Howard Rising Sun background.

We know who we are (detail:2)

In this right side, the Chinese calligraphy says:"We know who we are." The woman on the left is clutching a copy of TV Week to her heart, and the people on the right are taking part in the Cronulla riots, bashing a very ethnic-looking man against a car.

We know who we are -- proportional shot

...and here's the artist himself, standing next to the print to show the scale. he's a tall man. It's a huge silkscreen version of a smaller linocut print he made recently. It's going into a shopfront window in Melbourne within the next month. When I find out further details I'll let you know. Isn't it powerful?


Dean said...

It's fantastic.

Zoe said...

Bernie is TEH BOMB!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

wow! powerful and impressive.