Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am sitting on a tram in Melbourne, going from Carlton to St Kilda, about to stuff as much as I can into today before flying back to Canberra tonight.

I've been here since Thursday -- I almost didn't make it thanks to an intense and horrible bout of gastro that hit me on Monday night. Luckily my system is pretty robust, and it was the 24-hour variety, but I'm still not totally well, probably because I've been pushing my body to get here & participate fully.

I'm here for Adventure & Art, which is not a fist-pumping resolution but an exhibition of fine press books at Melbourne Uni's Ballieu Library, whose opening last night was accompanied by a half-day symposium at which I spoke.

It was fantastic. There was a room packed with the most amazing people: artists, printers, binders, academics, poets, collectors, librarians, and more, and most of them combined many of those roles.

I will write more about it when I am not rocking around on the tram; I am almost at my destination!

Hope you are all well!
(*waves at Tanya*)


The Elephant's Child said...

Wow. You must be exhausted. Lovely that you were in a room full of kindred spirits - looking forward to the updates.
Get well soon. Or quicker than that.

lisette said...

oh bum i missed you :( that's what happens when you don't read other people's blogs for what feels like a short time. i will make sure i go and look at the exhibition though