Thursday, December 29, 2011

Helpful cats

I thought I'd sort out a few typecases yesterday, since I'm working on a type sampler for myself (and those who like to collect such things). The big triumph was finding a whole drawer of 12pt French accents in Garamond, just as I have a visiting artist who is setting a French poem. Huzzar! We'd been wondering what to do re. accents and now the problem is solved.

Padge came and helped. One minute he was here:

typecat 1

and the next time I turned around to replace a case he was here:

typecat 5

typecat 2

He's a very helpful cat.

Let me show you more ways that he helps in the studio.




Keeping things upright.


Load tester.






Press operator.


Chair warmer.

Pooter's main job is Padge-washer.


He doesn't like being a printer, mainly because of the silly hats they have to wear.



ronnie said...


Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

*clasps hands*

geiger and sporran said...

Ah, yes! We cats like to be helpful.Right now, our Man is making space on a shelf downstairs for the Secretary to put her ink and rollers on.
We stopped bits of paper and rags from blowing away.(Then the Secretary came home and gave us some chicken so he's on his own now!)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people think cats are solitary creatures. Mine are always helpful, attentive, companionable - like yours (though I don't think I've got quite so much documentary evidence, or as many perfectly wonderful cat spots). I do have one under my chair right now, pretending to sleep but really actually listening for keystrokes.

Loved that linkty link...printer's hats. Very interesting. Why box shaped, I wonder? Just because...maybe?

Zarquon said...
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Zarquon said...

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The Elephant's Child said...

And you left out interior decorator(s). Every scene looks better with a black cat or two. And I see what you mean about Padge - he is one big boy.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, he's a big boy! But when he sits on our big laps, he looks right at home.

Z: YAY!!!

DDM: I think printer's hats are like that because they sit so firmly on the head with no chance to shift. They don't perch jauntily, they really SIT on your head, and keep the hair off your face (and soak up the ink when you reach up to scratch your head with an inky hand). They are the precursor to the hair net. Damn handy things, too.

G&S: lovely kitties, I'm sure.

I snort and clasp a lot around these two too.

Alexia said...

Ahh cats. What would life be without them to keep an eye on us, demand to go out when they've just come in, yowl to come in when they've just gone out, chase the dog around the garden, deliberately bat their ping-pong balls under the couch so that they can snigger when we swear about having to lift the couch up,
come in to the bedroom in the morning and jump on our stomach, glare balefully at anyone whose jib they don't like the cut of... fantasticats!

Christine said...

They keep the place running, don't they?