Thursday, November 24, 2011

So tired

My cats are gorgeous, granted, and they are great studio companions,

but sometimes I could brain them with a bookbinding hammer.

Mr Pooter (named for the main character of Diary of a Nobody by George & Weedon Grossmith) is living up to the POO part of his name: he has a bad habit of not wanting to poo in his litterbox at night if Mr Padge (named after a minor character in the same novel) has been there first. So he will walk around the house yowling, and if we're too dead asleep to do anything about it, he will either poo in the bath or keep yowling until we do something about it, like cleaning out the box in a zombie-like fashion (a zombie with Tourette's Syndrome) or we kick him outside and he can bloody well take his chances in the dark with Alpha cats and cars.

Last night was one of those nights.

Add that to Padge stomping all over the bed constantly because he'd decided that the snap cold weather means that he needs more food to cope with it, even though he's so fat that he can't fit on our overly-generous window ledges

and you end up with one tired Duckie.

Add to that the fact that it's been a week of homework emergencies (why do teacher make all their assignments due the same week?!!) and flat batteries in cars (OH! IS SHE PREGNANT? lisped the charmingly Hispanic NRMA battery man when he saw Padge) and that teaching and marking has finished, and I guess you can surmise that I've crashed at the end of a big year.

My evergreen and never-ending TO DO list (it's now a book) has been set aside while I have just slumped in a corner and pretended to move piles around while I play Facebook games. It helps that Best Beloved is off in North America running through as many museums as he can fit between meetings, it means that I only have to operate on a teenage level -- and the kitchen reflects that.

In fact, I'm only really writing this post to procrastinate from the mammoth task of cleaning and preparing for tonight's Thanksgiving Dinner, being held for my lovely homesick yankie neighbour Julia. There's a lot of people coming, but there's twice that many dustbunnies dancing across the carpet in front of my bleary eyes, and a big sack of potatoes waiting to be peeled in the kitchen (mashed potato is apparently very important for a successful TG).

And I'm so CRANKY after watching the end of Spicks and Specks last night. I absolutely adore Adam Hills, before last night he could do no wrong, but did he really think he could wind up an iconic Australian music show with a half-arsed band fronted by a talentless loser like the Uncanny X-men and engender any form of nostalgia from the audience? I hated Brian Mannix in the 80s, I hated his every appearance on the show (and I'm sure I'm not alone in that), and to give the UXM a plum tv opportunity like that smacks of something bad smelling: maybe their promoter offered the ABC a lot of money, or maybe Mannix knows something about Hills that he shouldn't... or maybe they just got it horribly, horribly wrong, and it truly is time for them to stop. Whatever it is, I went to bed very grumpy last night, and that five minutes of ending will be the only bit of S&S I will never watch again.

Sorry, peoples. I just needed to vent. I guess it's dustbunny attack time. Tally ho!


ronnie said...

I didn't watch the last S&S - and now I'm pleased I didn't - I see your mannix loathing and raise it (I think I would have started poking my eyes out with a fork if I had to watch the slimy non-talent)

ps - I'll swap you padge for my dante-the-dreadful..... the durn cat has worked out if he digs his claws into the wood of our glass sliding doors he can let himself back inside after he has been evicted... this game can continue throughout the night - he comes in, jumps on my face 'HELLO MUMMY - FEED ME!' I put him out... he comes in, jumps on my face...... welll - you get the routine

grrrrrrr CATS!!!!!! (I suspect mannix was actually named for those sad little tail-less manx wonders)

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

Two litterboxes. I know it's a pain, but you don't really want him to take his chances in the traffic.

WV is 'promsi', as in 'I promsi it will work.'

Zarquon said...

I have to admit I saw UXM once at my local pub. They weren't half bad - they were ALL bad.

The Elephant's Child said...

Two litter boxes MIGHT work. However when Jewel is sick, she is never very sick - just a tiny bit sick in half a dozen places on the carpet. I am confident that this skill could and would be extended to the kitty litter.
I forgot all about S and S, and am so glad I did (based on your review).

Paper Chipmunk said...

We have 4 litter boxes for 3 cats (!) distributed around house and garage. And they still go nuts if the "wrong" one should, heaven forbid, get used before the other cat gets to it. And now the most elderly of the bunch has decided that she prefers the bathtub anyway. But I still think more than one box does work a little better for multiple cats. Alas.

As I'm typing this, my large black cat is loudly purring in that obnoxious "you'll be sorry if you ignore me, I need to eat now" way as he bangs his head against my arm and hits me. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Yes..we got the 'one litter box per cat, plus an extra' advice from the vet as well. And more bending-over-backwards strategies...almost embarrassed to type this...we have different types of litter in the boxes. Just to reassure them that we do know they need their own box and that yes, please don't use his, because your litter is different...remember? Despite all this, there is a cat living in my abode who insists that if I leave an unaccompanied plastic laundry box with or without clothing it, in any part of the house other than the laundry, that must have been intended as a litter box.

Cat stories. Hmm..Maybe you didn't intend for all this cyber-cat sharing.

Ampersand Duck said...

No, no, all this advice is very good! I'm ashamed to admit that I never even considered more than one box... I mean, we all go on the same toilet, so why shouldn't they? But it all makes perfect sense. I don't really know how to implement it at this stage (I mean, they're 7!) but it's worth a try!