Monday, February 07, 2011


We are trying *very* hard to find the right buyers for our house (or any buyers at all, actually), so to the delight of our agent, her proffered weekly editorial to the Canberra Times was not only accepted, but followed through with an interview and -- unheard of for this particular column -- a photographer sent around to shoot us in our lovely unique kitchen.

Click here to embiggen, but it's a bit embarrassing. Firstly, I look DREADFUL, but BB comes across beautifully. Secondly, they took my description of our budding fruit plantings and made it come across as if we're a bounteous Garden of Eden (we're not, there's a lot of room for improvement, but a solid framework of edible things is growing), and thirdly it sounds as though our friend discounted his services mightily. He didn't, formally, but we did give him a pretty tight budget and he did so much more with it than we expected, and we're still utterly grateful to him. I've scrubbed his name out because he's not building anymore, and we didn't want him to be asked if he would do 'just one more'.

You can also see a small fraction of BB's Poole Pottery collection, the jugs, up on the 'floating shelves'. The rest has been in boxes for years, but our new house has ample space to display nearly all of it.

The best bit about the column is that the article straight after ours is reminding everyone that the market is healthy, and yet to find its peak.

So, after prostituting our dignity (and BB's anonymity) and pimping our cats every Wed and Saturday: if it doesn't sell soon, I'm going to be morose. One more week of advertising and then we have to make some hard decisions. There must be a right person out there somewhere. It's a sweet little house.

Remember to breathe, Duckie. You all have full permission to remind me of that. Again, we're not under mud, or on fire, or blown over. That's a good thing to think about.


ronnie said...


good luck (you really deserve to sell... poor cats... prostituting themselves twice weekly - they will be worn out!)

remember to breathe...

The Elephant's Child said...

It looks trooly, rooly lovely. And I love the Poole Pottery. And the floating shelves. My smaller portion have me a biography of Clarice Cliff which I have just finished so I am ceramic/pottery minded at the moment.
I am sure that a discerning buyer will be along very, very soon.

tc said...

Hang in there Duckie. So stressful, and wish I had something more useful to say. But, you know, breathe.

elsewhere said...

P.S. Doesn't look anything like you, tho the I like the shirt.

librarygirl said...

So so stressful.
Good luck!

Lucytartan said...

LOL don't worry you'll find a buyer. Im sure that writeup will do the trick. If you are still feeling embarrassed about the photo spare a thought for poor old JThist who wrote the article. That photo of him presumably goes in every week's paper.

Ampersand Duck said...

LOL yourself, Lucy. That was one of the best laughs I've had all day.

Thanks, all. It's not helped by a number of things in the house deciding that they needed fixing, and they're all just out of warranty. GAH. Still, they're all fixed now & I'm halfway through a bottle of wine, so much happier.

Sara Bowen said...

Can't believe they edited out "world famous" or possibly "internationally renowned" in front of "Canberra printmaker..." Honestly, the newspapers these days.

Fingers crossed you find someone fully appreciative of your lovely kitchen! Those poor cats need to know it's been worth it!

Sara x

naomi said...


Kettle said...

Again, we're not under mud, or on fire, or blown over.

The best real estate ad I've ever read. Gold.

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled to see a Poole Pottery collection! Back in the 1950's/1960's when I was a child, my aunt was the import agent for Poole and I just drooled over all the shelves in her showroom. Just loved the texture, the muted colours and the elegant designs. She gave a lot to my mother who ended up giving it all to Vinnies a few years ago without even telling me. I was speechless for ages - still am, actually.

Enjoy your little treasure trove - and I hope you get to display it all in the new house. Good luck with the sale.


genevieve said...

That's not my best angle either, and it is a great shirt.
everything crossed XXX
good luck!

Cat Drawings said...

How funny. I think we have the same haircut again. There's not a lot you can do with ghost hair.