Sunday, September 05, 2010


OF COURSE they were ok. OF COURSE they touched down in Christchurch safely. OF COURSE I worried too much. OF COURSE, after talking to me on the phone, they plan to go and eyeball the damage as closely as they can before the authorities prevent them.

And now I'm light-headed with relief, and, perversely, realising that I have two days of solo existence left before they get to me, so I should enjoy it. Because I do enjoy it, when I know that everyone I love is safe and happy.

I'm going to knock this printing on the head now for a few hours, and then I might drop across the road to the museum's butterfly house to enjoy a bit of ephemerality.

In the meantime, you go and have a look at my Sister-Outlaw's blog, revived after a period of doubt. It is lovely to see her writing more than a twitter entry, and she is very good at it. Go and encourage her, as all talented single parents should be encouraged.

And here's a silly thing:


dugadugadugadugadug...COUNTDOWN!! This is the NZ version of Woolworths. Cute, eh? Every time I walk in I expect to see satin pants and eyeliner, and Molly behind the counter. Sigh!


PS: Happy Father's Day to Colonel Duck, who apparently was not only delighted with his gift of merino/possum socks, but with the fact that they arrived ON TIME, which is very rare in my world. Enjoy them, Dad, hope they feel nice on the feet, you deserve it.


lisette said...

so glad you're all ok - i wore your chicks rule t shirt yesterday and hoped hard that you were safe :)

Carol said...

Relieved to hear they arrived safely and of course they will be getting the most out of being ON THE SPOT. What a story to take back to school!

I think the same every time I see a Countdown in NZ and at home I'm reminded of it daily as I use a Trelise Cooper shopping bag that advertises Countdown, Woolworths and Foodtown.

Keep your fingers crossed that the independents look at your pic saying "NOPE" and are influenced by it. Decision must be coming soon.

SCB said...

Cool election result at last!!! Glad your boys arrived in one piece... meanwhile I was greatly amused by your sister-outlaws blog which brought back some amusing memories of similar experiences a decade or so ago... ouch! Have fun in Suth Islund Sara x