Wednesday, October 28, 2009

silly me

Never, ever say it out loud. It's asking for trouble.

Just the other day I was saying to BB how lucky I was that I hadn't been ill for much of the year.

This was me at 9.30 this morning:

And this was me by mid-afternoon:

(courtesy of this place; I didn't really want to show you a photo of my rapid descent!)

It's a cold. Or flu. I can never tell the difference. I think I got it from Jethro on the weekend -- and I tell you Zoe, if this is how he felt, no wonder he moaned all night! I'm so ready to crawl into bed.

I did manage to get to Studio Duck to meet up with Lucas from Big Fag Press and his good lady, and I'm so glad I did. They are very enthusiastic people, and by the end of the visit we were making plans for an Australian printers' wayzgoose some time -- maybe next year? Fun!

But... now I'm home, and the screen is starting to hurt my eyes, so I will drag myself off to bed. My sinuses feel like they're about to explode, and my head is throbbing. I think the pills I took at lunchtime to get me through the day are wearing off. Ciao.


Mummy/Crit said...

Oh dear, poor ducky! I hope it gives you a break soon...until then, rest up!

fifi said...

I have a theory: the body, when initially invaded by the army of as yet unseen virii, prompts the mind to think illness, even when the effects are not yet apparent. Then you say

Oh, i haven't been sick for agesssssss....

Hope you feel well soon.

Penthe said...

Take care. Keep the snot out of your eyes.

Mindy said...

Hope you feel better soon. Your haircut looks good.

Carol said...

Get well! I've just caught up with your last 4 or 5 posts and they made really fascinating reading. I'll be going back to them to check out the links on printing - time to read is scarce but there's a lot of treasures there to explore.

SCB said...

Get well soon, duck! Michael has the lurgy too... you can quack in chorus. Deep sympathy and a virtual box of tissues from this end, Sara x

Ampersand Duck said...

Crit: am still trying to find a time when none of us are ill to get together! Sorry!

fifi: that is such a plausible idea, I'm going to incorporate it into my daily philosophy.

Penthe: something only a mother would even think about :)

others: THANKS, you're all gorgeous.

I'm trying to get quiet things done (like scrabble moves) but I think bed will win.

Bernice said...

Will bring chicken soup.

Zoe said...

Joy of joys, Owy has it too. He didn't take it too well when I told him I loved being sick because it would mean I got to read my book ...

He says take much sudafed, the proper old fashioned kind


Lucas said...

hi Caren, thanks for meeting up with us even though you were sick. a very inspiring visit, and i put some shots up here: