Monday, November 24, 2008

A post that Colonel Duck will appreciate

I wondered, before I was housebound, how I would cope with spending the time in the house looking at all the things that have needed doing for so long and not able to do anything about them. I'm the 'home handy' person in our household; BB is more the 'homemaker' type, into providing routine and nourishment. I didn't worry too much about BB's two weeks off, because he's very adept at lolling about, cooking, watching, reading and listening to the radio. But maybe I've had him wrong; maybe the lolling is legitimate tools-down time from his high-stress office lifestyle. You see, we've never had more than a week stuck at home together, we've only had time off when we've been able to do things to stave off boredom.

So imagine my excitement today when he got up, looking way better than he has for days, and started getting busy in a way I've never seen before. He didn't, as I expected, roll his sleeves up to make Dr Sista Outlaw's excellent pudding now that she's divulged the recipe, no, he went to the hardware store, and came back with stuff that fixes stuff.

Are you sitting down, Colonel Duck?

Since breakfast, he's fixed the leaking toilet that has been leaking for months, and -- gasp -- got my whippersnipper working, the one I got for my birthday back in October and was still in the box thanks to a combination of my busy-ness and inconvenient weekend rains. I can hear the buzzing out there now as he's slashing the backyard jungle. He's also weeded a huge patch of the neglected veggie garden. And now he's gone off to pick up the boy from school.

I cannot begin to tell you how joyful this makes me. There are burdens lifting from my chest! My to-do list is shrinking slightly! I'm writing this because I'm afraid that if I make too much fuss over it to BB he'll stop. He's not big on fuss. So if any of you are talking to him, don't make a fuss either. He really doesn't read this blog :)

But I just HAD to share. It's an amazing day. Colonel Duck is one of the few who will really know why.


Anonymous said...

Oh my.

If only he could pop down to Melbourne with that whipper snipper...

cristy said...

Excellent. I love it when people surprise you - especially the special people.

BTW I tagged you in a meme.

naomi said...

He, so pleased that your cabinage (is cabinage a word? if so, is delightfully useful for the use I have put it to even if that use is inappropriate) has resulted in BB discovering the joys of escaping into outside jobs!

Can he come and fix my leaky loo? You could drop in on your way home at Christmas.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"Since breakfast, he's fixed the leaking toilet that has been leaking for months, and -- gasp -- got my whippersnipper working,"

Colonel Duck has been trained in these things. (Not that he knew it at the time - many mutual moons ago.)

'tis the job of us once we baby boomers.

"Build it and we will come."

We old pharts cannot resist any port - or sherry -in a storm - even though I didn't have the inexorable, relentless and irresistable pleasure of the parade ground bashing.

(Bugger the whipper snipper I want Agent Orange, Wool Mix and DDT!)

As the Frogs are wont to say, "C'est le railway stations de la cross."

... and how is he with hammering taps? Could send a $50 call out fee his way.

Lord Sedgwick said...

"'tis the job of us once were baby boomers."

that would be ... or not.

librarygirl said...

I am loving your blog.

Bernice said...

I vill zay nutting.

Mummy/Crit said...

Wow. You are a lucky girl to have such a best beloved. I'm trying not to complain about mine too much, and he is pretty good really.

Why do you have the best doorbitch on Blogger? She says allnes