Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calling Any Takers ii


or so says my weekly email from the Tim Todd School of Paranoia and Nice Teeth. I-can, not I-ran! I just can't bring myself to unsubscribe from this weekly wackiness.

Inspired by his positivity, I am making an executive decision about the venue of the blog meet, also fuelled by the fabulous merging of blog empires last night when Lord Sedgwick's granddaughter met my son and playful sparks flew.

Kid-friendly Melbourne Blogmeet: Saturday Feb 2nd 2008, 12.30, Royal Botanic Gardens, near the Children's Garden, which is near O Gate.

If anyone knows a specific spot to meet in that vicinity, then plonk it here in the comments for all to see. Otherwise you can email me (I will be emailable because BB has a slaveberry upon which I can check my emails) or Laura and Dorian closer to time for mobile numbers and if you're running late you can call us. Huzzar! Bring your delectables, of both food/drink and human kind. If it rains we'll just cancel and maybe run into each other in a gallery or something.

A quick non sequiter: if you've ever wondered where the phrase 'toe rag' came from, check out this little snippet from Sydney's hunkiest hands-on historian. And this, although his facial expressions are harder to discern. Worth a visit to the Hyde Park Barracks, eh? :)

OK. Back to packing.


chosha said...

He is a bit cute and all. :)

fifi said...

what a shame, I am in melbourne next week and would love to join in that jolly outing...just I'll be back here by then.

Looking at the Artful books post made me salivate. How lovely, the whole package. All that and a dorm at Frensham? too good.

It is going to be my new years resolution to actually resolve this idea of mine for a graphic novel/art book.

Dont you find the summer heat counter productive though? I cant paint in this heat and find my head is all sloppy and lazy. Never get much done this time of year. Perhaps I should do summer school. Ha!

JahTeh said...

I can't believe this. Last year I had 5 outings and one of those clashed with a blogmeet and it's happened again.
I blame His Lordship of course.

Bwca said...

"if it rains" ... oh comedy!

Carol said...

Thanks for introducing me to the joy of Historic Houses UTube - I had no idea. And I like your blog too.

R.H. said...

How interesting, I worked in a dye house for three years: chemical steam and wet concrete floor. Lovely. Prior to each shift we'd tear a strip from cheap cheese-cloth type material and wind it around our feet before putting on gumboots, it saved rotting our socks.

And golly, how wonderful is blogging to gather such diverse classes of people!

You can blame Miss Brownie for this one.

R.H. said...

I should add that the wages were pretty good, and with marvellous camaraderie in an all male atmosphere of mainly Turks Slavs and Greeks where I discovered that sex jokes are the same wherever you come from. It was a twelve hour night shift too with everyone wanting to buy a house and playing cards half the night in a deadly game called manila. But anyway I just mention all that because some may be interested; the point is I had the idea wrapping cloth around your bare feet was a foreign idea because they seemed to do it quite naturally, and was very surprised to see it done exactly the same way on your video. I was startled to tell the truth; nostalgia is connected to things which seemed small at the time.

On topic.

TimT said...

Well, I guess I'll see you there next week &D, even if I do end up walking aimlessly around the gardens for a bit!

I should say here and now, as a warning, that I may have a cake. I will not, however, be forcing it upon anyone.


Stephanie Trigg said...

Alas, have family visit planned for tomorrow and will miss my chance to feed the ducks...