Monday, April 02, 2007

Triangly circle fold book

This post is for TimT, who wanted to know how Bernadette Crockford's beautiful Concrete Poetry book was made (it's on all the SLV promo stuff for the E+ABS touring exhibition).

Well, here you go:
triangle circle book
image credit to Na Rae Kim, Korean Bookarts Academy, Seoul.

It's really simple; the main thing is to ensure your squares are exactly square before you start. Once compiled, you can make triangular covers (with ties, if you so desire) and attach them to each end. As you fold, press each seam down flat with a bone folder (every book artist's best friend!).

Hint: fold your diagonal folds towards you, and your horizontal fold away from you (or vice versa). Then it should slip into the shape you need quite easily.

So that's the form... now go give it some CONTENT.


TimT said...

Thanks! It reminded me - probably intentionally - of the things we had at primary school.

A trixy-dixy version of this is the Flexagon - easy to make, but apparently mathematicians have spent years studying the things. Wikipedia lists several different versions of them, including a Mobius strip version!

pk said...

I am so adding triangly to my lexicon. I was just looking at, or at least being perplexed by, Flexagons the other day.