Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Afternoon musings

On the quick march uphill to wedded bliss (17 sleeps and counting), I'm too exhausted to be excited yet. Too much printing, too much anger about the country and the fuckwits who are leading it astray, too much furniture moving and cleaning. For now we are having our dream kitchen built while we're away getting married, which means that we have to pack up everything, eat everything in the fridge, chuck out all the crap and somehow get my plan drawers full of art out of the house and into the garage. I can't tell you how much I wish I could go to sleep tonight and wake up in a month.

The kitchen is being remodelled by a friend of ours who is a master-craftsman. We asked him just to give us some ideas on how to organise the space in our tiny Private Jetty, and he offered to do the job. We then gave him a small budget, and he is planning to do wonders with it, including knocking out a wall, pulling out a chimney, putting in a skylight, making all the cupboards himself. I feel so lucky, grateful and in awe all at once. What a wedding present!

I feel so blessed that I feel like doing something for someone else. Best Beloved and I were discussing whether to buy each other a wedding gift to give each other on the day. It's something my ex and I did and it was a lovely thing. But we're getting so much, and spending so much on ourselves, that I think I'd rather decide on an amount of money that we would have used for the gift, and give it to the charity of the other person's choice. that way I won't feel so self-indulgent when I come home. I don't know about Best Beloved, but my pet charity is Catherine Hamlyn's fistula hospital in Ethiopia. If you've never read or heard about the women she helps, have a look.

I can't stop yawning, and it's only mid-afternoon. I try to blog at night and on weekends, but it seems to be high-traffic time, and my blogs never make it through the mosh. I figure that gives me licence to blog at work. I don't smoke, don't drink coffee, so how else can I take a break without someone asking me to do something for them? Sit on the computer with a 'just give me ten minutes' look on my face, that's how. And curiously, it works.


Anonymous said...

I am deeply jealous of your kitchen improvements.

In an excess of nobility I went to help someone in a crisis move on Monday. "Don't ever get a job in the removals business, David" she said as we got stuck in a door with a table.

With your skills, one way to approach the pressy issue is to make something for your partner. Whether he is like you, or like me and born with fingers like toothbrushes I don't know. This option would crool it terribly.

- david tiley

Ampersand Duck said...

Argh! I have tried for days now to respond, but for some reason my home computer is playing coy and won't let me blog! I have had to wait until I get in to work, which only reaffirms my right to blog at work.

Yes, David, I would be deeply jealous, as I usually am when I see other people get their houses improved. Now that it's my turn, I'm pinching myself! I shall write a blog on the intimate kitchen details if you're interested...

Partner is all thumbs, so a home-made present wouldn't be reciprocal! It is a damn good idea, however. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

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